Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Photo of Ison by Cliff Spohn & Terry Hancock

This amazing picture of Ison is a joint effort by astrophotographers Cliff Spohn from Ohio and Terry Hancock in Michigan. The image was captured by Cliff using his TEC 140 F7 5" refractor telescope with a QHY9 camera based in Marion, Ohio, while his mate Terry took care of the processing work.
This is not the first collaboration by the pair, You might remember they released a great video of Ison a couple of weeks ago that got us all excited, which you can see here.

Ison by Cliss Spohn & Terry Hancock

Terry Hancock commented “The first time in almost two weeks that we have had a break in the clouds and rain we could not miss this rare opportunity to capture ISON using Cliff’s equipment, Credit goes to Cliff for capturing the object while I did the calibration, stacking in CCDStack post processing in CS5 and video editing.”

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