Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Mars Express to start imaging Ison today

The European Space Agency will give it’s Mars Express Orbiter craft a new mission tonight, to start photographing Ison. Mars Express will get some of the best views in the solar system as Ison will pass Mars at just 10.5 million kilometres, three times closer than it will get to Earth. 
Mars Express is hoped to produce the some of the best data on the composition of Ison’s corona that we will get, so we are egarly awaiting the results. Mars Express is well equipped and with such an impressive aray of instruments at the ESA disposal, we are expecting some great insights in to Isons life.

Mars express orbiter observing Ison
The Mars Express Orbiter will start observing Ison today 24/09/2013

 Surface/subsurface instruments
· HRSC (High Resolution Stereo Camera)
· OMEGA (Visible and Infrared Mineralogical Mapping Spectrometer)
· MARSIS (Sub-surface Sounding Radar Altimeter)
 Atmosphere/Ionosphere instruments
· PFS (Planetary Fourier Spectrometer)
· SPICAM (Ultraviolet and Infrared Atmospheric Spectrometer)
· ASPERA (Energetic Neutral Atoms Analyser)

 This is just the start of a four pronged mission from the European Space Agency to study Ison. In November the ESA/NASA SOHO mission will turn its sights on Ison, then it’s the turn of the Venus Express orbiter and the Proba-2 satellite. We will bring you more information on these missions closer the time!

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